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Kongens gate 24

0154, Oslo


Kongens gate 24

0154, Oslo


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm




Creative Director of Envelope1976 Celine Aagaard guides you through Oslobukta, and some of the places you should visit. 

1. Bar

The Go-to place. Hammerhai is a perfect spot to visit just around the corner from our Concept store. Get a table outside in the sun and enjoy your wine and snack with friends, or make sure to be back for drinks in the evening with good vibes and friendly people with music.

Operagata 77c, 0194 Oslo

2. Gallery

The new Munch Museum just opened - a must-visit for everyone. More Munch than ever before, with the world's largest collection of art by Edvard Munch, world-class contemporary and modernist art, including events and concerts by the waterfront. Go check the view and have a drink on the rooftop after exploring all the works on 13 floors, visit restaurant Muma or grab a coffee in the cafe and take a swim in the ocean.

Edvard Munchs Plass 1, 0194 Oslo

3. Lunch

Kumi is a vegan lunch place in Oslobukta - known for its nice interior and food. Perfect for Burrata, vegan pancakes, green juices, avocado toast, or just a coffee to go. This place is so good, and in the summertime, you have the best spot outside where you can zip fresh drinks with an ocean view including within the snug down behind the Munch museum...

Operagata 71b, 0194 Oslo

4. Clothing Store
Envelope1976 Concept Store

We just opened Envelope1976 Concept Store, in Oslo - in the Barcode area of the town, close to the Opera, Munch, and the Ocean.

Everything in the store is made of surplus materials and leftovers from the industry. We have handpicked the surplus stone from the quarry, ensuring that we use unique pieces that we believe fit into our concept whilst at the same time creating stunning contrasts and depth.

- We wanted to display our clothing collections in a concept store that celebrated the rawness and beauty of nature

Operagata 75c, 0194 Oslo

5. Bar

A hidden cocktail bar by the owner of Michelin chef Esben - behind MAEMO. They have just a few tables and a few spaces by the bar. Book online, or ring the bell by the door

Rostockgata 42, 0194 Oslo 

6. Swim Experience

Even if you visit Oslo in summer or winter you should have a fresh swim and ice swimming has become a popular activity up north- with and without going in the sauna. Oslo badstueforening offers 4 different saunas, and you can stay for 1,5 hours in the company of friends or others you can also book a private sauna for your traveling party. If you want to have a look at other parts of the city, take a bike to Bygdøy during summer, for rocks and cool hangouts, and a picnic.

7. Dinner

Our favorite Lebanese restaurant is right around the corner from the Concept Store. From the tasteful mese to the colorful and delicious cocktails. A beautiful setting and food experience with great vegan food. Bring your friends and family to this one-of-a-kind place. 

Rostockgata 66, 0194 Oslo