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Q&A: Lina Campbell Grønnerød

Q&A: Lina Campbell Grønnerød


What do you do for a living?

I´m working for Envelope1976, as a sales employer in our concept store and modeling in our showroom when we have sales meetings. I don´t like the word potato, but I will say that because tasks here are variant from time to time. 

What are your daily routines? 

I usually wake up at 7.30 and make a cup of black coffee and drink a lot of water. Some days I do some workouts at home or go for a walk. I do my skincare routine, very simple but with a few good products. Not a breakfast person but I eat lunch around 12. My days are very variant, but I like to walk around and see new places/stores and take pictures or make content for work or my Instagram. 

Who or what inspires you in fashion?

I use Pinterest a lot and find inspiration from art or rear cool people/images. I also find inspiration from people I see in the street and influencers I follow on social media. 

 Lina dressed up in our Lyon blazer, Flare pant and using the Smoking scarf as a top.

What sustainable choices do you make in your wardrobe?

I´ve always had a big love for vintage since I started buying my own clothes and finding treasures in vintage shops or And buying from sustainable brands with good quality made to last. So a lot of my wardrobe is from Envelope. I also try to use and style things in my wardrobe in different ways. Good basics are the key. 

What is a typical "Lina" item in your wardrobe?

Right now, I would say Black tights, my wool sweater from Envelope, Saltstein, grey jeans, and a grey wool cashmere sweater I bought vintage this winter. I like to be warm and comfy in the winter. And my Iceland jacket in cream from Envelope. 

What is your favorite fabric?

Wool and Cashmere. Leather and cruelty-free fur. 


@campbelllina on instagram


What is your best secondhand/vintage purchase?

I bought a silk/lace dress in Paris that I used a lot last summer, and styled it with and without pants or shorts. And a big cashmere scarf with shearling stripes on I found in Paris when I was there with Envelope. I also bought a Ralph Lauren cashmere top 8 years ago, that´s probably one I have worn the most - still in great condition. I also found a wool blazer at UFF last autumn that I have worn a lot. 

What is on the top of your wishlist right now?

Black Lenny pants. Barca dress and Girona blazer from Envelope1976. A black bra top from Prada. I also love the new collection from Miu Miu. 


Lina in our Iceland jacket.


What is your go-to party outfit?

My vintage Ralph Lauren top with jeans or my Rave pants from Envelope1976. And sneakers - I love to dance when I´m out so I never go out in heels. I don´t like to plan out my outfits, I usually just dress out of my mood or what I feel for there and then. In the summer I like shorts and short skirts. Usually always goes out in something black. 

What is your fashion weakness, something you are always on the lookout for?

Coats and jackets. And cool vintage pieces, but also good basics. 

Is there any item you think will never go out of fashion?

A good suit or blazer. Classic jeans, and leather jackets, all kinds of types.