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Q&A: Marilee Pham
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Q&A: Marilee Pham

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Lawyer Marilee Pham shares her thoughts about the future, her key tips to stay positive these days and her sustainable actions. 

@Marilee Pham


Sydney, Australia

Marilee in our Sarajevo skirt and Svalbard cape

What is key for you to stay positive with everything that is happening in the world
If I could summarise it, maybe it’s to be ‘present’ to the moment, surround yourself with loved ones and beautiful things.

There is currently unprecedented uncertainty in the modern world and disruption to our daily lives. But it’s important to consider that this isn’t new – we’ve faced many disasters in the last decade that have been overcome. And it’s not going to be the end – we will face many more in the future. 

Taking the right action in the circumstances and being considerate of those around us is a first step. Where I can, I will use this time of social distancing/isolation to slow down, spend time my loved ones (who I live with), and explore new interests which I never had time for.

Perspective is the other. Being a source of positivity and inspiration to those around us is also an important step. Call loved ones more often, keep in touch, and build a stronger sense of community within disaster.

And a healthy lifestyle is still important.  A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body!

What are your daily routines?
Being a lawyer is the most exciting thing in this world (*said in deadpan voice*). Jokes aside… unsurprisingly not that exciting when you work in a corporate environment!

I will wake up and do some stretching (time permitting) before getting ready for work.  Whilst commuting to the office I will check emails/instagram.

Work is generally always hectic, there is a lot going on in the business at the moment, so there will be multiple meetings for existing and new projects or potential problems that have unexpectedly arisen.  Each day is a surprise!  After work I will I will race off to taekwondo and generally train for 1.5- 2 hours (I train 3 times a week).  Afterwards my partner and I will cook dinner, and then watch tv and/or check and respond to socials to unwind. Rinse and repeat!

Where do find your inspiration in your everyday life? 
The people in my life are a daily source of inspiration.

My mum for her kindness, empathy, style and love of good food.
My father for his determination, intelligence and foresight
My partner for his brilliance, sense of humour, and athletic ability
My taekwondo family for their indomitable spirit and strength
My work colleagues for their problem solving capability and ability to multitask and handle any crisis with calm

And of course Instagram for creativity, fashion and styling inspiration. I’m really inspired by the talented designers and stylists out there – it’s amazing that I can share their creativity from anywhere in the world.  

How would you describe your own style? 
I would describe my style as minimal, timeless, but of the moment. I like to keep up to date with trends but will generally only buy quality pieces, with interesting detail and that will transcend the seasons. 

I like authenticity. I think my ambition is to keep reflecting ‘me’ in my clothing choice – and it’s interesting to see this mature over time. 

What key items do you have in your all year round wardrobe?
A beige trench coat, white shirt, tailored pants and blazer, midi and long skirts, a neutral overcoat (think camel, crème, chocolate, black), jeans (mid wash, dark blue and black), basic tops to layer, a statement dress that can work for day and night, boots, flat shoes, heels and a classic bag. 

Envelope1976 believes in sustainability and classic pieces. Is there an item that you think never will go out of fashion?
A tailored suit is a timeless investment that is also extremely versatile. The pieces can be worn together or mixed and matched individually with other pieces in your wardrobe, adding a touch of polish to any look. 

Reuse of clothes is important to us, do you have any good advice for how to reuse clothes?
Repurpose a garment. Give new life to pieces by getting it altered or transform it into something else. Recycle clothes you no longer wear by donating to charity or selling in the online 2ndhand market. 

What do you do to have a greener lifestyle?
In my view, sustaining a greener lifestyle is important than moving through temporary fads of being “green”.  We all have very individual lives and differing demands, so I try to practice mindfulness of being green day to day.  Every bit counts (buying fresh and on an ‘as needed’ basis, re-usable shopping bags, buying organic, to name a few).  But I’ll be the first to admit I can do more!

Specifically, in relation to fashion, I find a good starting point is to make my purchases much more considered. I generally do not buy fast fashion and consciously buy from brands which focus on sustainability and quality.