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Q&A: Suzanna G.
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Q&A: Suzanna G.

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"We live in a complicated, yet the most connected time ever"

Suzanna Gembege, @viasuzanna

Stylist, Fashion Journalist and Creative Consultant

Based in Finland

 Suzanna is wearing Pfeiffer blazer and Pfeiffer pants

What is key for you to stay positive with everything that is happening in the world?
The unforeseen circumstances can get a little overwhelming at times, so I try to stay positive by making the most out of the extra hours that I would normally spend getting from one place to another. I read, I cook more, listen to podcasts, do some home exercises and write. Also, I try to keep my screen time the same as normal. 

What are your daily routines?
I try to incorporate some daily activities from the pre-quarantine time. I still like to take the mornings to myself. Whether that is some light yoga, reading the newspaper or listening to some morning tunes. After that, I try to be ‘work ready’, and change out of my loungewear. Get some work in. I go for a long walk or a run in the evenings. Yesterday I had a group chat with friends. We had our goodnight teas and listened to my friend play the guitar.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I have an endless curiosity about the little big things happening around me. I find inspiration everywhere, in things like the way an older gentleman has folded his handkerchief or the way a photograph has glitched. 

What is style for you? 
I think it’s a unique way one might arrange their clothing pieces. Style is much more than the perfect cut and proportions. It incorporates the persons interests, mood, upbringing, values and so much more. It has nothing to do with fashion or wealth. 

What key items do you have in your all year round wardrobe?
Warm items. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always cold. During fashion weeks, half of my luggage consists of layering items. Anything warm is an all year round thing for me. As to wardrobe staples and basics, I have focused on having a couple of quality items from every clothing category. I often pair them with some exciting vintage pieces. Quality beats quantity.

Envelope1976 believes in sustainability and classic pieces. Is there an item that you think never will go out of fashion?Jeans are the cornerstone of many wardrobes across the world. We all have one or two great memories of our favorite pair of jeans. But as popular as denim is, the material is one of the least sustainable to produce. Change takes time, but it is great to see that denim manufacturers are increasingly making commitments to produce more ethical and responsible supply chains.

Reuse of clothes is important to us, do you have any good advice for how to reuse clothes?
I think one of the most important step happens in the beginning. Buying smart, buying less. When we buy clothing with the right approach, we automatically take greater care and indulge in the thought of keeping the item as long as possible. When time comes for repurposing, firstly I try to find quirky new ways to re-style. After that, there’s a number of ways to go your separate ways: 1. Find your local second hand store. 2. Donate directly to charity organizations, homeless shelters and to churches. 3. Sell at a thrift store. 4. Swap with friends. 5. Resell. 6. Or make it into something new!  

What do you do to have a greener lifestyle?
I try to be ecologically conscious by commuting by bicycle, choosing eco-friendly home products, recycling, buying locally as much as possible, eating vegan and avoiding the use of plastic. My latest green decision was to power my home with 100% renewable energy by switching the energy supplier.

Stronger together - what can we all do now? 
We should come together for the simplest reason, we need each other. Whether that means we stay indoors or get someone their groceries - or maybe just a call to say hello. We live in a complicated, yet the most connected time ever.